Sarah Fagan's January Blog Post: The Extra Sheep

-written by Saran Fagan, the 2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence

A logic problem I first heard in grade school has jumped to the forefront of my mind upon changes and revelations in the decades since. Allow me to share the problem as I remember it:

"A farmer dies. He has left 17 sheep to be divided a certain way amongst his three sons. One half are to go to his eldest son, one third to his middle son, and one ninth to his youngest son. How are the sheep divided?"

The Two Minute Tiny House

Throughout the summer and fall, the community of Miranda's Hearth built a tiny house on The Umbrella's front lawn as a public art project.  

The exterior of the house was finished on November 21, 2015 and is documented in a two minute timelapse video, shown below.  It took nearly 800 hours, spread out over 34 weekends days with 3-4 volunteers per day to build the exterior of the tiny house.

Beachcombing and Grave Goods: Connectivity through Objects

written by Sarah Fagan,

2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence

Earlier this month I gave my first talk as the Umbrella's Artist-in-Residence. The topic was the meaningful use of emptiness in art: the power of a Rothko color field, for example. After much musing about the utility of emptiness this month, the world was sure to remind me of the yin to the yang of the void. So this post is not about emptiness. It is about things. 

Call for Proposals

The Umbrella is excited to open submissions for proposals from Directors for projects which are:

Bold. We are committed to producing work that pushes boundaries and presents challenges; encourages the audience to think and feel.

Daring. Our programs tell stories and spark conversations. We believe that the stage provides a place for new ideas and voices to be heard.

Innovative. Whether you come to see a brand new play or a beloved, time-honored musical, we guarantee that you have never seen a production quite like ours.

ArtTalk Summary: Creativity and Education

Last night, forty five people found their way to The Umbrella Gallery for our second formal ArtTalk, a panel on Creativity and Education.  Priscilla Sanville from Lesley University, Brenna McCormick from Emerson College, and Jennifer Hurley-Wales from From the Top sat on the panel, which was moderated by Michael Goodwin and Tracie Dunn from the Concord River Institute.  At the last minute, Linda Nathan had a family emergency and could not make the event, but her seat was filled by Linda Gerstle from From the Top.

The Umbrella goes to 193 Winthrop Ave, New Haven

The Yale School of Architecture’s First Year Building Project and NeighborWorks New Horizons have teamed up with Artspace and Guest Curator Elinor Slomba to present temporary and permanent artworks throughout the rooms and grounds of the newly constructed house at 193 Winthrop Ave in New Haven, CT. This space is open to the public during City-Wide Open Studios Transported Weekend, October 17 and 18, 12-6pm. This event is free and open to the public.


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