Judy Siggins: Champion of the Arts and The Umbrella

Article by Kiirja Paananen. 

Judy Siggins loves being surrounded by the arts, and she loves the energy that abounds when working with people in the arts. It is this energy that makes The Umbrella the place that nourishes her heart and soul. She loves the tremendous variety of activities that are percolating through the building on any given day.

"No two weeks are the same. I give my time but I get so much in return," she says.

25 Deer by Jeannie Abbott

Musketaquid Arts And Environment: 25 Years of Celebrating the Confluence of Art and Nature

Blog 4 of 5

written by Jeannie Abbott

It was one of those moments when you know more is going on than meets the eye. Last November a deer wandered into my yard and around to the front door. Curious, she kept looking in the window at us looking out at her. This went on for some time, and when I went outside she let me stand quietly nearby.

A Letter from the Director, April 2015

Dear Friends,
This is one of those moments that I can’t bite my tongue. We talk a lot about building a vibrant community through the Arts.  I sometimes wonder; how large is the community we are talking about? 
This past weekend we held our annual Open Studios and we had an awesome turn out; a record number of regulars and newcomers came out to see our artists. While this is a relatively local event, we had visitors from Boston and Worcester. It is clear that our community is bigger than Concord!


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