Vacation Weeks: About


The Umbrella’s vacations weeks are designed to meet many interests and the various needs of our community. 

Our themed school vacation week programs offer students opportunities for creative exploration and social interactions while offering parents the convenient scheduling and the piece of mind knowing that their kids are engaged in a safe and fun environment while learning new skills and completing projects designed by our talented teachers and support by our program counselors.  Students work in the mediums of drawing and painting, 2D and 3D mixed media sculpture, Ceramics, Art and Environment, Woodworking, and Performance and MORE!  For youth looking to find themselves through the arts, the Umbrella is your community.  Join us with your friends to make art and memories.

Highlighted Programs

February Vacation Week

FEBRUARY Vacation Week - Art ExplorersDates: February 18 – 21, 2020Theme: #DiscoverYourArtsInformation about February Vacation Week 2020...

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FEBRUARY Vacation Week Special Half-Days!

FEBRUARY Vacation Week Special Half-Days!Working with the Storytellers theme, this special February Vacation Week program offers single half-day...

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April Vacation Week

APRIL Vacation Week - Art AdventuresGREEN WEEK! – April 21-24, 2020Information about April Vacation Week 2020 coming soon!

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