With the debut of our new theaters and professional Stage Company in 2019, The Umbrella committed to building a sustainable, professional performing arts destination serving the entire Greater Boston region. We set out to place diversity, equity and inclusion at the core of planning our expanded programming and collaborations with other programs and organizations.

In addition to The Umbrella's organization-wide commitments set forth in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Action Plan, the Performing Arts Program has committed to implementing and tracking several actions specific to its disciplines and spaces:

  • Expand our network of directors and designers to ensure more BIPOC representation in positions of creative leadership
  • Form an advisory council with representation from marginalized communities to create transparency and to ensure that those communities have a significant role in shaping programming
  • Continue and expand our practice of centering BIPOC voices on and off our stages. Commit to finding meaningful ways to engage our audiences on the topic of racial equity beyond the seats of our theaters. 
  • Review and revise rehearsal scheduling practices including the elimination of 10/12 tech rehearsals. 
  • Continue and expand the practice of color-conscious casting for all roles in which race is not integral to the storytelling.
  • Take the burden off of BIPOC artists, when needed, by hiring cultural competency coaches/consultants, BIPOC costume and hair designers, and, for racially traumatized work, providing therapists and counselors.
  • Work to eradicate inequitable seating practices and pricing.

As this work is evolving and ongoing, we will share updates periodically here and at