Executive Director: Jerry Wedge
Director of Performing Arts: Brian Boruta
Education Program Manager: Rebecca Campbell
Development Coordinator: Nick Castellano
Assistant Director of Development: Katie Cimet
Major Gifts Officer: Megan Connor
Office Administrator: Melissa Greven
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications: Stewart Ikeda 
Chief Financial Officer: Chris Mekal
Ceramics Program Manager: Zachary Mickelson
Visual Arts Manager: Stephanie Marlin-Curiel
Marketing Assistant: Rachel Olson
Director of Arts & Environment: Madeline Miller
Arts & Environment Program Coordinator: Kyle Clifford
Finance Director: Wendy Page
Performing Arts Program Assistant: Cathie Regan
Facilities Manager: Ron Richards
Director of Education: Jason Springer
Volunteer Coordinator: 
Director of Development: Eileen Williston


Brian Boruta
Director of Performing Arts
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
Education Program Manager
Nick Castellano Headshot
Nick Castellano
Development Coordinator
Katie Cimet
Assistant Director of Development
Kyle Clifford
Arts & Environment Program Coordinator
Megan Connor
Major Gifts Officer
Melissa Greven
Office Administrator
Stewart Ikeda on ArtsMatter Day
Stewart Ikeda
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
Stephanie Marlin-Curiel
Visual Arts Manager
Zachary Mickelson
Zachary Mickelson
Ceramics Studio Manager
Madeline Miller
Director of Arts & Environment
Rachel Olson
Marketing Assistant