Executive Director: Jerry Wedge
Education Programs Coordinator: Riley Borst
Director of Performing Arts: Brian Boruta
Education Program Manager: Rebecca Campbell
Assistant Director of Development: Katie Cimet
Outreach Coordinator: Kyle Clifford
Data & Administration Manager: Melissa Greven
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications: Stewart Ikeda 
Development Coordinator: TBD
Ceramics Studio Staff: Sean Lutz
Visual Arts Manager: Stephanie Marlin-Curiel
Chief Financial Officer: Chris Mekal
Ceramics Program Manager: Zachary Mickelson
Finance Director: Wendy Page
Patron Services Associate: John Penney
Company Manager: Cathie Regan
Marketing Associate: Sarah Shiner
Director of Education: Jason Springer
Deputy Director: Eileen Williston


Brian Boruta
Director of Performing Arts
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
Education Program Manager
Katie Cimet
Assistant Director of Development
Kyle Clifford
Outreach Coordinator
Melissa Greven
Data & Administration Manager
Stewart Ikeda on ArtsMatter Day
Stewart Ikeda
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
Sean Lutz
Ceramics Studio Staff
Stephanie Marlin-Curiel
Visual Arts Manager
Zachary Mickelson
Zachary Mickelson
Ceramics Studio Manager
John Penney
Patron Services Associate
Cathie Regan
Company Manager
Sarah Shiner
Marketing Associate