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The Umbrella Stage Company thanks you for your support of our Covid-impacted, 2020-2021 @ Home Theater Season, made possible by the generosity of Gregory Maguire and Andy Newman, and by all our supporters and attendees during this time. We are gratified to have been able to retool in the pandemic and present diverse, original Performing Arts programming in a variety of formats and platforms, both in virtual spaces, recorded here at The Umbrella, in socially distanced outdoors settings, and in ongoing outreach into our courageous theater community.

With the changing guidelines for gathering and opening venues, we are again completely re-focusing our energies on safely reopening our theaters to resume our brand of Bold, Innovative and Daring performance in-person next season.

In the meantime, we welcome you to take a look back at some of the many wonderful moments we shared through our @Home Coffee House Cabarets and @Home New Works virtual productions from this past extraordinary season! 


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More About The Umbrella Performing Arts & Stage Company

The Umbrella Stage Company was launched in February 2019 by the Performing Arts Program, part of the expansive Umbrella Arts Center (formerly Emerson Umbrella), a multifunction 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization founded in 1983 in Concord, MA. The fast-growing theater company earned 31 DASH Theater Award nominations last season, winning in 11 categories, including Best Lead Actor, Best Ensemble Performance (Play and Musical), Best Musical Direction, Best Director (Musical), and Best Production (Play and Musical). Learn More