Summer Camp Policies



A program spot is reserved only when payment is received. Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. Each tuition includes a $25 non-refundable registration and processing fee.  The preferred method of payment is using Family ID with a credit card online or a Paypal account. If it is necessary to register with The Umbrella office accepted payment options are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or check payable to The Umbrella Community Arts Center, and cash.


Tuition, less a non-refundable $25 registration fee, will be refunded if the request is made PRIOR to the registration deadline day for the week for which the registration was intended to begin. Tuition, less a $50 registration fee, and less the prorated cost at regular price of any days past in the week registered, will be refunded if the request is made ON or AFTER the registration deadline day for the week for which the registration was intended to begin. If all necessary paperwork is not submitted by the time a camper starts the week they are registered for, NO registration refunds will be granted. In the case of accident or illness, please contact the Umbrella office. We may be able to arrange a later start date.


A limited amount of tuition assistance is offered by The Umbrella through the Babette Newburger Art Education Fund to cover partial tuition costs (up to 50%) for families in need.  Application and approval are necessary. Awards are made first come, first served on a rolling deadline.

PDF iconSAUU Financial Aid Request Form

Please contact the Education Director at 978.371.0820 ext. 202 for more information.


Some health and medication information must be received at the time of registration using the FamilyID online system.  Additional required forms will be emailed to all families prior to the start of camp.  At that time families are required to update any information that may have changed since submitting a registration.

An immunization record that is up to date AND a physician's note or record of a recent physical, signed by your child's physician, along with The Umbrella’s Camper Health, Medical Release and Emergency Contact Form will be requested from families and is required to be completed, signed and submitted to The Umbrella office PRIOR to any child starting the program.


We require explicit written permission and instructions to administer medications to your child. If your child will require medication during program hours, a separate medication consent form MUST BE COMPLETED with 30 days advanced notice. Any medication must be in its original bottle or container with a valid prescription label. Your child's name physician's name and dosage amount must be clearly noted.

These documents are mandated by the Board of Health for all Summer camps. No child will be admitted to camp without complete paperwork and no refunds will be issued.


For the safety of other students and staff, please pack snacks and lunch for your child(ren) that are peanut and tree nut free. The Umbrella does not provide lunch. The Umbrella does provide snack items that are peanut and tree nut free. Water is available throughout every day.


All areas of The Umbrella Annex are accessible. Wheelchair access and handicapped parking are located on site.


The Director of Education reserves the right to dismiss a camper from the program when, in his sole judgment, the student's behavior interferes with the rights and/or compromises the safety of others, and impedes the smooth functioning of the group or the activity.  No refunds will be given for a behavioral dismissal from the camp.


Parents/guardians/emergency contact adults are fully responsible for signing in all campers at drop off in the designated location within the building/property and are responsible for signing out all campers at pick up from the designated location within the building/property. Older students may be authorized to self-check-in and out of the camp with a written and signed permission from a parent or guardian.  

ARTS and REC REGULAR DAY NOTE: Arts & Rec Campers must be dropped off at a designated location at Concord Recreation building at 90 Stow St, Concord and picked up at a designated location at The Umbrella Annex building at 57 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Concord.

ARTS & REC FIELD-TRIP DAY NOTE: Arts & Rec Campers on Field-trip days must be picked up at Concord Recreation, as field-trips are full days with Concord Recreation. Buses will typically return to 90 Stow Street for the 4pm pick-up. 

EXTENDED DAY SPECIAL NOTE: Furthermore, if your child is enrolled in PM Extended Day (4:00-5:00pm) with The Umbrella, on fieldtrip days, your camper will remain at Concord Rec and be included in the Rec extended day.  Campers should be picked up at 90 Stow Street by 5pm.


FIELD TRIPS: Registration in SAUU and ARTS & REC grants permission for children to fully participate in this program including (if applicable) field-trips to various locations by bus or van accompanied and supervised by The Umbrella and/or Concord Recreation staff, under the full protection and guidelines mandated by the Town of Concord and Board of Health for such activities.

OFF-SITE TRAVEL BETWEEN LOCATIONS: Registration grants permission for campers in the company of the group to which they are assigned and under the supervision of The Umbrella and/or Concord Recreation staff to travel by bus between the two institutions. Campers will leave The Umbrella Annex property by bus to travel to the Emerson Fields at Concord Recreation for the lunch break and return to The Umbrella Annex approximately 1 hour later. Concord Recreation is located at 90 Stow Street, Concord and The Umbrella Annex is located at 57 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Concord.

OTHER OUTSIDE TIME: Registration grants permission for campers to exit the Umbrella Annex on foot to enjoy the outdoor spaces on the property for snack breaks and in some cases for research in an art specific lesson as deemed necessary by the art teacher. All off-site travel will be done as a group, under staff supervision. It will only take place during the regular program hours.


The Umbrella programs are occasionally photographed and/or videotaped. Enrollment authorizes The Umbrella to have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs or video of you or your children and/or artwork for promotional and public relations purposes. You must contact The Umbrella office or submit a written request if you do not want you or your children to be photographed, to prevent photography from being published, or for posted photography to be taken down.


For more information, please email or call 978.371.0820