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2018-2019 Umbrella Gallery Season: TRANSITIONS





About the Umbrella's 2018-2019 Gallery Season

During several months displaced from our studios and galleries this summer, Umbrella artists are popping up around Concord in conventional and unconventional gallery spaces. Come fall, the resident artists of The Umbrella will return to a transitional space still in flux: the final touches studio renovations ongoing, a gallery with temporary walls, and a separate location for the education and theatre programs continues.

In the midst of this ongoing transition, we can’t help but think of others in the same state. From transitions in our everyday lives to those happening on a larger scale, we ask ourselves, “How can we hold space for transition?”. In the face of we are witnessing in this moment in our nation’s history, how can this platform, our studios and galleries, be a gathering place for connection and understanding? Can we lift up the stories and perspectives those that are most vulnerable and threatened in our community? 

The process of making art is in many ways a process of transition: moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another. Art transitions from the idea stage through many iterations before sharing with others in a way that moves them from one place of understanding to another. We invite you into this conversation throughout this year’s Visual Arts Programs as we explore the theme TRANSITIONS.


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