Lois Anderson - Routes of migration


Our galleries are platforms for the region to examine new visual narratives and engage deeply with visual arts. In selecting our artists, curating our exhibitions and designing our programs, we seek work that is contemporary, accessible and expressive. We welcome artists and audiences to engage with diverse art-making techniques, strategies and perspectives. Our gallery cultivates work that emerges from our community, directly engages with our community and place, and/or is a social practice.

We partner with artists working in our studios and beyond, makers, curators, community members and local businesses to further the mission of The Umbrella Arts Gallery to:

Expose  - What does this exhibit expose our audience to? How does this invite exposure to new, different or challenging perspectives?

Contemplate - What does this exhibit ask us to contemplate? How will we see or understand ourselves and others differently? How does this work move us?

Converse - How does this exhibit set the stage for conversation? What opportunities does our community have to dialog and engage with the work?

Gallery Hours

Due to Covid-19, our galleries are currently not open to the public.

Under normal circumstance, our regular hours are 9:00AM - 5:00PM Monday - Friday, 12:00PM - 4:00PM Saturday - Sunday or by appointment. Additional weekend hours vary. Also open during public programs.

Highlighted Programs

Current Exhibition

Currently On View#DiscoverYourArts Showcase, Sep 1 - Oct 5#DiscoverYourArts: Artist In Your Residence, presented with Minute Man National...

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Upcoming Exhibitions

2020-2021 Umbrella Gallery SeasonComing Soon The Robbins House: Visiting Exhibition @ The UmbrellaWe are currently planning our 2020-2021...

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The Umbrella Arts Gallery is excited to launch our online gallery! In addition to seeing what's on view in our various gallery exhibitions,...

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