The Umbrella Artcubator

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We are currently seeking proposals for short term residencies and projects for September 2020 through June 2021. 

Contact Visual Arts Manager Jess Muise via email at for more information.

The Umbrella Artcubator awards studio space to visual artists for short term projects throughout the year. The Artcubator expands possibilities for audience engagement with visual arts by catalyzing new and experimental work. Local and visiting artists are invited to take advantage of this platform for experimentation and exploration in a supportive environment.

Established and emerging artists alike benefit from the input of a creative community of more than 50 artists in the iteration and innovation of their ideas. Visiting artists can belong, experiment and establish leveraging Umbrella studio space, shared workshops and exhibition space. 

Open to proposals from artists with a focus on supporting the creation of new work and new education and art engagement programs for our community.


Current Artcubator Artist

Jessica Hankey (September 2019 - January 2020)

Preparing for an exhibition at SPACE in Portland, ME in early 2020, Jessica Hankey is taking advantage of all that our interdisciplinary center has to offer through The Artcubator. Hankey is 2019 Massachusetts Cultural Council's Film & Video Fellowship recipient and will continue to work on Le Survivant a film currently in progress among other works. From her artist statement, "The work-in-progress Le Survivant draws on my evolving interest in performance and theatricality as modes for exploring individual subjectivities in relationship to larger institutions. This project is the third installment in a trilogy of videos made with the members of the women’s club. Here, the club’s stage is a platform for performance as one club member’s story unfolds, revealing intersections with broader economic forces. Through the exploration of one club member’s story- one that includes making the decision to sell herself to an art collector- the women’s club serves as a bridge for addressing an individual woman’s subjectivity in relationship to forces within the art market."


Previously Hosted Arcubator Artists & Projects

Linda Bond (July - August 2019)

In preparation for a large solo exhibition at Drexel University next fall, Linda Bond will be using the Artcubator as a dedicated space to explore Understanding Histories, a large scale installation project currently in progress. Understanding Histories began as a personal history lesson. Reading several works including Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, Stephen Kinzer’s Overthrow and All the Shah’s Men and, more recently, Medea Benjamin’s Inside Iran helped Bond understand the United States’ complicated history with the Middle East and South Asia. This project is comprised of a series of drawings using both text and image to chronicle significant historic moments that have contributed to the current unrest in that part of the world. When needed, additional information will be added to document current events. While in the Artcubator, Bond will be working on developing Understanding Histories into a large scale wall installation which will eventually incorporate ten country pages (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Saudi Arabia). Linda is currently on faculty at MassArt and is a scholar in residence at Brandeis University.


Teresa Meier    January - June 2019  

Visiting from Oregon, we were thrilled to have artist, teacher, native Oregonian, beer drinker, cat lover, wayfarer and wanderer Teresa Meier with us to explore her current photography work. Teresa will use the time in the studio to experiment with new techniques for integrating her photography with new materials, including fibers. While at The Umbrella she participated in our Passage and Art of Craft Beer Exhibitions and continued her series Collective Inventions. From her artist statement, "I have always loved puzzles. I like to sift through all the pieces, analyzing their parts, and take immense satisfaction in seeing how they all fit together. For me, a photograph and a concept is an elaborate puzzle--a puzzle that puts me in remote landscapes at dusk, wandering through antique stores, building in the wood shop, sewing a new costume, and recently, a return to hand-drawn illustration." For a behind the scenes look at her work in the Artcubator studio check out her blog here.


safe_space - December 2018 - February 2019

Alexander Davis - Alexander Davis of Alexander Davis Dance in collaboration with Jeremy Stewart brought to us a new iteration of safe_space, a fiber art installation piece presented in conjunction with our fiber arts exhibition, Migration. Safe_Space is an exploration of the membrane between technology and the body, featuring knit cotton sculpture, pneumatic actuators, digital control systems, and the human body. Check this out for more documentation and information.