The Umbrella Film Series


Enjoy the best of classic, independent, and foreign films curated by The Concord Film Project, with pre-show dinner options.

Thank you for joining us for our 2023/24 film nights. We look forward to seeing you again this fall!


The Umbrella Film Series screenings with optional dinners are curated by Concord Film Project, which was founded by Dinah Buechner-Vischer, Kim Burns and Kristin Canty to present a wide variety of film masterpieces to highlight different aspects of the cinematic art form with selections from recent film festivals, old favorites, and the hard to find or rarely seen. CFP has strived to present films that are acclaimed in the community of professional cinema, and represent a broad range of themes and cinematic art forms, and invites the audience to bear in mind that the opinions or actions expressed in any film do not necessarily reflect the views of CFP or The Umbrella.  We trust you will use your own judgment as to which films are in line with your viewing preferences. Enjoy!