July 30, 2020 by Rachel Olson
By Margie WeeksJohn Burke has a passion for photography that is contagious. It was so interesting for me to hear him talk about the experience he has with this pastime he has made a living at for so many years. It means a lot to him. John has volunteered his photography skills to The Umbrella for the last 6 years. During that time, he has taken photos of a number of... Keep Reading »
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July 23, 2020 by Anonymous
by Chandreyi DattaMonica Chen is a creative and multitalented writer with a love for the arts. Writing has been her passion since a very young age. Even before she learned how to write, Monica was known for her storytelling skills. As a child, she took art classes and honed her creative skills. She believes art has played an important role in her journey of self-... Keep Reading »
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July 12, 2020 by Anonymous
By Josey MurrayCooper is modest man who couldn’t imagine why volunteer coordinator, Kathy Warren, would want a profile done on him. Kathy Warren recruited Cooper over two and a half years ago when he was looking for something to get involved in after retiring. Cooper spent the last ten years of his career “overseeing the installation of fiber optic networks at air force... Keep Reading »
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June 24, 2020 by Anonymous
By Josey MurrayDan Kemp is a naturalist, writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and lifelong learner. His volunteer work at Umbrella Arts Center gives us only a glimpse into his varied talents andpassions. The Arts & Environment Program has allowed him to use his skills as a writer, explore a new interest in documentary filmmaking, and engage in an enduring... Keep Reading »
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Jordan Waterworth
June 17, 2020 by Stewart
Article by Diana Kennedy “Follow the action” seems to be the unofficial mantra that Jordan Waterworth has adopted in his approach to filmmaking and in life. His combination of ambition and curiosity have led him to both his undergraduate studies at Suffolk University as well as his position as vital member of The Umbrella’s volunteer staff, taking on a multitude... Keep Reading »
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