The Art of Kumiko

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This class will teach students at all levels to use hand tools and some basic jigs to make an asa-no-ha pattern (a flower pattern used in traditional Japanese panels). The Kumiko is hand cut and fitted precisely, using no glue. The resulting patterns can be used in many ways, from handmade lamp insets to decorative coasters. During the class, we will hand cut all our materials. Each student will leave with a Kumiko of their own making.

Instructor: Palo Coleman
Palo Coleman is a wood turner and builder, with a turning studio at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After studying under Alan Hark, Palo has developed his own intuitive approach to the wood turning process. He specializes in reviving historical tools and techniques and in reclaiming and salvaging wood that would otherwise go to waste. He believes that each piece of wood has a story to express. In addition to his turning activities, Palo... Learn More »
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1 day
Friday, March 10, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
March 10, 2023
Room 201