Take 5 with Myles & Beckett

July 9, 2024 by Sarah

Last week, we were able to sit down with Beckett and Myles, two teens helping out with Summer Arts Under The Umbrella 2024. Beckett is a part of our Summer Classroom Volunteer program, in which high school aged students volunteer their time for community service hours. Myles is from our teen program, where teens aged 13 to 14 spend part of their camp day gaining leadership experience and the other part of the day taking art classes. 



Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

B: I’ve been coming to The Umbrella since I was like 13. I come here because I really like making art, hanging out with kids, and building connections.

M: I was going to say exactly what you said! Except for the 13 part, because I was 11 when I started.


Beckett, what made you want to volunteer here at The Umbrella?

B: Well, a lot of people come to The Umbrella for the volunteer hours, but I think connecting with kids and building relationships is always fun for me. I like creating art with them, that's a lot of fun.


And Myles, what do you find interesting or rewarding about the teen leadership program?

M: I like working with some of the younger kids. They have a lot to say! And you've got to listen to them, so that's fun. But it's also just making art and enjoying myself with other people is nice too.


What is it like being here with your sibling?

B: Whenever we see each other in the hallways, we'll always do something like *sticks out tongue*, and he’ll do it back, so we always kind of acknowledge each other there, so that's always fun. Sometimes I see them at lunch; we hang out then.

M: Yeah, it is kind of comforting to have somebody else there.

Is there anything you suggest or any advice you have for someone who's considering our volunteer program or the teen leadership program?

B: It's a lot of fun. I really highly recommend it. But it's also a lot of work, so be prepared to put a big part of yourself into this. You definitely get really dedicated and attached.

M: For the teen program, it's not really as much work but still really nice.



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