Ninjas in Nature Camp Spotlighted in Concord Journal

June 11, 2019 by Stewart Ikeda

Ninjas in Nature Camp by Pam Ellertson

In a new feature article for Concord Journal, journalist Pam Ellertson observed a session of the popular Arts & Environment class, Ninjas in Nature, and spoke with national NiN co-founder and Umbrella teacher, Kenneth Clarkson, about plans to expand the concept into an exciting new summer camp option in this region.

The article went behind the scenes to not only capture the "big picture" of the national Ninjas in Nature program and philosophy -- a “fusion of the ancient arts of the Ninja with natural arts of awareness and survival skills” -- but to observe firsthand how intensely the action-packed experience connected kids to the outdoors and to natural elements.

"Within the first 20 minutes of the NiN’s recent meeting on a sunny spring day in a wooded area just off Lowell Street," Ellertson writes, "several Ninjas were spotted. Some were high up in an ancient sugar maple tree, while others dashed through a meadow playing a game called Lizard Tail, while still others hung targets that they would soon be hurling their short staffs at on ropes suspended between trees. They weren’t just in nature, they were all over nature."

The complete article appears in the June 11 edition of Concord Journal and online here


Images by Pam Ellertson




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