Summer Camp FAQ

What is the difference between SAUU and Arts&Rec?
Campers participating in SAUU will spend all of their time (half day or full day) at The Umbrella participating in art based activities. ARTS&REC is a full day partnership camp where children will spend the morning portion participating in recreational activities organized and facilitated through Concord Recreation and then spend lunch and the remainder of the day with The Umbrella participating in art activities and learning.
Are there any forms or documents I need to fill out?

PRIOR to any child beginning his /her week of camp, the following information is required:

  1. Immunization record that is up to date
  2. A physician's note or record of a recent physical, signed by your child's physician.
  3. Emergency contacts
  4. Health and medical questions
  5. (if necessary) Medication authorization form

These documents are mandated by the Board of Health for all Summer camps. No child will be admitted to camp without complete paperwork and no refunds will be issued

The Umbrella has adopted CampDoc for camp.  We feel that this platform will provide the most convenience and security for the collection of health, medical, and emergency contact information.  All confirmed registrations will be invited to create a CampDoc account and use it to manage their children’s camp forms.  The Concord Recreation as well as other local camps have adopted this same system so we feel that it only adds to the convenience for parents in submitting camp forms.

Please note that all forms are required 2 weeks before the start or any camp week.

Are you able to give my child MEDICATIONS during camp?

We require explicit written permission and instructions to administer medications to your child. If your child will require medication during program hours, a separate medication consent form MUST BE COMPLETED with 30 days advanced notice. Any medication must be in its original bottle or container with a valid prescription label. Your child's name physician's name and dosage amount must be clearly noted.  Medication admistration forms should be submitted through a CampDoc profile.  Contact The Umbrella office for further questions or concerns.

Who should I list as EMERGENCY CONTACTS?

Emergency contacts can be ADDITIONAL adults that you wish to authorize to pick up and/or contacted in the event of an emergency: babysitter, grandparents, neighbors, or friends, for example. 

Which group will my child be in?
Generally*, groups will be divided as follows:
  • RED: Pre-K (Ages 4-5)
  • GREEN: K - 1st (Ages 5-6)
  • BLUE: 2nd - 3rd Grade (Ages 7-8)
  • PURPLE: 3rd - 5th Grade (Ages 8-10)
  • ORANGE: 6th - 8th Grade (Ages 10-14)
*groups are subject to change based on number of enrollments.
Will my child bring home art at the end of each day?
At the beginning of each week, your child will create and decorate a bag that will be used to transport all artwork home at the end of the week. We encourage bringing artwork home at the END of each week so that campers can easily keep track of their artwork and be inspired to make changes and modifications to existing artwork if they choose to.
Does my child need to have artistic talent to participate in SAUU or Arts&Rec?
If you have a reluctant artist at home, they are still welcome to join SAUU or Arts&Rec. Learning, growing, and experimenting through art is at the heart of what we do. Small classes ensure plenty of individual attention and a supportive, nurturing environment ensures that everyone will receive the guidance and assurance they need in order to succeed in the arts. 
What should my child bring with them each day?
If your child is participating in our half day program, they should bring a water bottle. Snack will be provided in the morning session. If your child will be joining us for the full day session, they should bring water and a NUT-FREE lunch.
Will my child get to choose what they do each day?
A great aspect of Summer Arts Under the Umbrella and Arts&Rec is that children are exposed to as many art mediums as possible. This gives them a chance to discover the arts as a whole and discover new mediums that they might have the chance to experience otherwise!
I have two children who will attend camp together – do I receive a discount?
A tuition discount of 10% off each registration is available when two or more children are registered for the same week(s).
Do you offer tuition assistance?
A limited amount of tuition assistance is offered to cover tuition costs for families in need.
Can my child be grouped with a friend?
Yes, we will do our best to group friends or siblings together as long as they are close to the same age. This information should be brought to the attention of SAUU Director or Program Coordinator as soon as possible in order for us to accommodate any request. Online registrants: Please put this request in the "Special Requests" section of the application.
More questions?
Additional questions about our Summer Camps:

Jason Springer, Director of Education or 978-371-0820 X204