About The Ceramics Studio

Studio Hours; Clay Sales; Firing and Glaze Policies

The studio is open for enrolled participants during the following hours. Participants will be sent a weekly schedule detailing availability to both of our studio spaces. Students are encouraged to reserve space on that sign in sheet in order to avoid overcrowding.

Studio Hours

Main Studio: Room #104

Monday-Sunday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Independent Studio: Room #108

Monday-Sunday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Note: Hours are subject to change at any time, access is limited during class time. The new sign-up sheet is made available on Fridays by 4:00pm for the following week.

Ceramics Studio Technician, Zachary Mickelson, will be in the studio during business hours and is available to help when possible. Questions? Contact zachary@theumbrellaarts.org

Purchasing Clay and Outside Clay

Clay is available for purchasing through The Umbrella Ceramics Studio and includes firing services. Clay must be purchased online.

Clay purchased from outside of The Umbrella is allowed after consultation with the Studio Manager. A firing fee of $25/bag ($1/lb) will be charged for outside clays.

Firing Services

Firing services are available for registered students and participants in the Independent Studio Program. We currently are not offering any firing services for individuals not enrolled in our programming.

Bisque and glaze-ware will be available for pickup on labeled carts. Carts will be provided and labeled for dropping off work. Please bring your own boxes and packaging; no packaging should be left behind.

Green ware will be fired and generally available in 2 weeks. Please keep track of this firing schedule in regards to individual drop-off dates. The studio has limited storage space, and as such, it is required that all participants retrieve their personal items within a timely manner. It is extremely helpful for you to be picking up your fired work as it becomes available!

All broken pieces will be fired and placed on the pick-up racks. We will not be leaving any notes or explanations if things occur, but please know we will do our best to take the utmost care of your wares. We apologize in advance if items break. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Glaze Service

In person glaze services are available through enrollment in The Independent Studio Program as well as for registered students.

Commercial glazes purchased from elsewhere may be fired at The Umbrella with advanced approval from the Ceramics Studio Manager. Please contact Zac Mickelson in advance with what glazes you are using.

Cubby Rentals

Enrolled students and participants will receive a storage cubby for the duration of their enrollment. Participants are asked to remove any belonging at the end of a semester if they are not continuing with our programming. Any belongings left in a cubby after the end of a semester are subject to removal by the Studio Manager.

Due to space limitations we are no longer able to reserve cubby spaces for anyone not enrolled in programming.

Additional Information

Please note: For the Ceramics Program, early registration is offered to currently enrolled ceramics students.


Please email zachary@theumbrellaarts.org for any further questions about the process!