This spring, families all around Concord will be invited to join The Umbrella for fun and creative workshops crafting objects for our Earth Month celebrations! 


Earth Float Workshops

April 24, rain date April 25

April 24, we may not be able to hold our big traditional Earth Day River Ceremony down by The Old Manse and Old North Bridge this year, but some Concord families will still be celebrating! Sign up for one of our limited-capacity outdoors workshops on the lawn of The Umbrella to create an Earth Day Float out of natural materials to take home or launch yourself in the Concord River.

Pre-registration and Covid-Protocols: You can register now through our new Umbrella Artfest App. Note, participants must complete a registration and the health safety survey in our App before participating on April 24. Capacity is limited. Participants must wear masks. All families/pods will be separated by six feet or more. Each pod will be clearly marked on the sidewalk. Learn more about how the workshops and boat launch will take place on April 24 in this information sheet


Earth Day Workshop: Windsocks

April 10, 1 PM

A windsock blows in the breeze, but what does it signal about the oncoming weather? In this Earth Day workshop, we will show you how to make your own windsock out of recycled materials. You will learn about the science of wind power and weather and how air is a vital factor in our planet's health. In a community-wide project, we will hang our windsocks together to signal the importance of clean air. 


Earth Day Workshop: Bird Kites

April 17, 1 PM

This Earth Day we are celebrating all of the creatures of the air! There are so many amazing animals that call the sky their home, like songbirds and chickadees, blue jays and cardinals, and red-tailed hawks and owls. In this workshop, we will make kites painted with the designs of your favorite bird. We will learn about how to make a flying kite using air mechanics and will also learn about how birds travel through the air. 


Earth Day workshops are supported by grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Concord Cultural Council