EM3050 Activity: "Sea Story"

By Charlotte Anne Dore and Rosalita’s Puppets

Meet some creatures of the ocean in this Sea Story for Earth Day! Somerville-based puppeteer Charlotte Anne Dore made do with what she had in her home to make this wonderful show for our Celebration. In six short episodes, divided here into a two-part video performance, Charlotte shares an undersea adventure tale based on her puppet characters for “The Sea Story” live shows. 

What kind of puppet show can you create out of what you have in your house? Use socks, paper bags, mittens, etc. to create a story to perform for your friends. And for us -- send us your videos and photos! 

Episode 1: Adventure on The High Seas

The captain is ready for adventure on the high seas with his ship mates (you). Hoping to impress his true love Rosalita he wants to make a nice meal for her. He enlists the help of the cabin boy.

1. What does the captain see in the water?
2. Who does the captain like?
3. What is the cabin boy's name?
4. What are they having for lunch?

Episode 2: Overboard

The Cabin boy catches a whale in his net but decides to set the whale free. A storm rocks the boat and in spite of Rosalita’s efforts the captain is thrown overboard.

1. What does the whale say about mammals and the characteristics of mammals?
2. What does the whale ask the cabin boy to do?
3. Is there something Rosalita could have used to save the captain?

Episode 3: Under the Ocean

Sinking into the ocean the captain is trapped near an anchor. Luckily there is some kind of air pocket. Miranda the mermaid tries to pull him out of the water to no avail. Her friend Blooby, the fish, suggests they look for more help in order to save the captain.

1. How many sea creatures appear in this episode?
2. Can you list what those sea creatures are from question 1?
3. What phrase does Miranda say in this episode that is a mistake? Hint: She is in the ocean.

Episode 4: Okra To The Rescue

Help is found in the form of Okra, the sea creature, who is very strong and pulls the captain out of the water. Miranda is glad the captain is safe but upset that he’s gone back to his ship. Okra has learnt that there is a man in the belly of a whale who might be the perfect partner for Miranda. We also hear that Pinocchio is in the whale’s belly. Miranda goes searching for the whale.

1. Do you have any ideas about how to get the man out of the belly of the whale?
2. What does Okra say she likes to do?
3. Do you remember any of Okra's song? Try and sing part of it again. 

Episode 5: The Big Sneeze

Miranda has an idea to get the man (and Pinocchio) out of the whale’s belly. She tickles the whale’s nose and he sneezes out Pinocchio first, then Dan the man. Pinocchio floats up to the surface and swims away. Dan the man, a pirate who’s been in the belly of a whale so long he’s grown gills, meets Miranda. They fall in love.

1. Why does the whale have a tummy ache?
2. What action does Miranda take to make the whale sneeze?
3. Who is the person that Pinocchio wants to swim back to?

Episode 6: Happy Ever After.

Meanwhile... the storm has passed. Rosalita is upset until she sees her captain in the water. She throws a rope and pulls him on board. Then they see Pinocchio and pull him on board and live happily ever after.

1. Why is Rosalita singing?
2. How much time do you think has passed since the storm?
3. Which character/s in the scene speak but are not seen?

Charlotte Anne Dore has toured all over New England with her company Rosalita's Puppets for over 25 years. She also toured as an actor/puppeteer with Underground Railway Theater in their production of Are You Ready My Sister. As a puppeteer, she has worked with Oscar winner Tom Woodruff on the animatronic Gorilla in the Kevin James movie Zookeeper. She has built over 100 puppets for her puppet company and has over 20 shows in her repertoire.

Video content created in 2020 based on "The Sea Story" live shows. 


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