Application for Studio Space

Thank you for your interest in joining our vibrant community of studio artists at The Umbrella!

Shared Studio Space Available

Announcing the availability of shared space in studio 302! 265 square feet with two large North facing windows. The space will be divided into four workstations with two tables provided along each of the side walls. There is an existing closet and extra shelving will be provided for storage. No toxic materials can be used nor any machinery, tools or materials that create dust, odor, noise or vibrations.

The price per month will be $102.25 for each workspace. Lease term will be Dec 1 - June 30th. Those who wish to renew will reapply at the end of the lease. Applications due by Monday, Nov 20th at noon. Email for an application form.

Short Term Sublet Available

This sublet is available Dec 18 - Jan 30. The price per month will be $459 per month, pro-rated for the month of December.

Email if interested. Include the kind of work you do, up to 10 images, and your website or instagram if you have it. The sublet will go to the first suitable candidate.

How to Apply

When there is an opening for a studio, a studio sublease, or a studio share, our list of Interested Artists will be notified and invited to submit an application. Applications and portfolios then will be reviewed by the Screening Committee in order to find the best fit for the available studio space. Note that our studios are on annual leases from July 1 - June 30 each year. While we can't predict when studios will be available, we do recommend attending upcoming studio arts or gallery events to get to know our creative community.

If you are interested adding your name to our Interested Artists list or should you have any questions about the process, please contact our Visual Arts Manager, Stephanie Marlin-Curiel, at