The Umbrella Performing Arts Red

Red - “There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend… One day the black will swallow the red.”
Mark Rothko is in his New York studio in 1958-9, painting a group of murals for the expensive and exclusive Four Seasons restaurant. He gives orders to his assistant, Ken, as he mixes the paints, makes the frames, and paints the canvases. Ken, however, brashly questions Rothko’s theories of art and his acceding to work on such a commercial project.


Mark Rothko: Joe Siriani
Ken, his assistant: Ryan MacPherson


Producer: Brian Boruta
Director: Rebecca Bradshaw
Stage Manager: Harry Rothman
Assistant Stage Manager: Liz Wood
Technical Direction: Matt Breton
Scenic Design: Brian Boruta
Specialty Painting: Grace Meidanis and Katie Moore
Lighting Design: Seif Cristobal
Sound Design: Alex Savitzky
Costume Design: Susan Yanofsky
Properties Management: Sarah Marshall
Set Dressing: Brian Boruta and Sarah Marshall
Graphic Design: Meghan Donnelly
Playbill Design: Priscilla White Sturges