Louise Berliner

Writer and Fiber Artist
Woven paper basket

Louise Berliner is

A word wrestler 
Thread twister
Mad scientist 
Rule-breaker wannabe.  

Her mother’s daughter
Daughter’s mother 
Sister’s sister
Granddaughter, great granddaughter, and so on.

She makes sculptures of words that sometimes look like poems or novels
and beings made of waxed linen, misc. threads and fabrics. 

Her writing has appeared in VQR, Porter Gulch Review, Ibbetson Review, The Mom Egg, Sacred Fire and various chapbook collections. Her first book, Texas Guinan, Queen of the Night Clubs, written in part thanks to an NEH grant, was a biography of a Roaring ‘20s night club hostess famous for saying “Hello, Suckers!” 

Her sculptures have been most recently in group shows at the Maud Morgan Arts Center (“Images of Grief and Healing”) and the Nave Gallery Annex (“Vessels”).

She has a studio at the Umbrella in Concord, Massachusetts.