Lesia Shaw

Painter, Photographer
Lesia Shaw does painting and photography.  Her primary focus is Traditional Chinese Landscape painting.  “I’ve always been attracted to the brushwork in Chinese Landscape Painting where mountains are mysteriously shrouded in mist and clouds and suggestions of forms combine to create a scene that draws you in for further viewing.  Thirty years ago a private invitational trip to China afforded me the opportunity to view ancient scrolls in remote areas not open to tourism.  Hiking on Mount Huangshan (described as the “loveliest mountain of China”) was one of my most fascinating and inspirational experiences.  My vision of the magnificent scenery made up of granite peaks, rocks and gnarled trees emerging out of a sea of clouds continues to be the basis for most of my current Chinese works of art." 
At her Umbrella studio she mostly works in watercolors and acrylics.  Often she will combine her media to achieve greater depth and interests.  She enjoys exploring and experimenting with other forms of art media ... woodblock printing, lithography and such.  At leisure she does schetching plus pen & ink drawings.  Her world travels provide her with exciting opportunities to do travelogs and nature photography.