Hillary Kane

Ceramic Artist

For Hillary Kane, place is of essence. She has lived widely in the world and those experiences have left significant marks in her making practice. New England cradled her in painting and illustration; France etched print-making into her heart; Cameroon triggered her gut-pull to the medium of clay; New Mexico initiated her passion for wood-firing in particular-- and Bali coalesced her love of teaching and hosting and making into one when she co-founded Gaya Ceramic Arts Center there in 2010.

Her creative process is focused around the alchemy of the anagama for firing functional, sculptural and figurative works, as well as the making of large-format paper-clay paintings--and most saliently, the endlessly-creative journey of raising twin daughters. At very present, she lives a bi-hemispheric lifestyle, splitting time between the lush and heady tropical backdrop of her island life and the cyclical seasons of her New England upbringing-- embracing the duality of home in two disparate worlds; searching with her artwork for a fluency between them.