Christiane Corcelle


As a multimedia artist, I work with a diverse array of materials and techniques, including painting, collage, installations, and printmaking. My curiosity drives me to constantly seek new skills and ideas, and I have a particular fascination with found objects, which I often incorporate into my work.

My inspiration comes from the world beyond my studio walls—the everyday beauty, my profound connection with nature, the enriching experiences of my travels, and the diverse cultures I encountered while living in various countries across Africa and Asia. This global perspective, influenced by my French background, infuses my work, creating a rich tapestry of influences and experiences. I remain endlessly curious, always eager to explore new horizons and immerse myself in different ways of life.

In my studio, trays of papers sorted by color and an assortment of materials for making marks create a controlled chaos. Multiple works in progress coexist, and I navigate between them based on mood and inspiration. The uncertainty of what each day will bring adds an element of spontaneity and excitement to my creative process.

In essence, my art is a reflection of my life—a dynamic interplay of experiences, inspirations, and expressions that converge to form the unique tapestry of my creations.