Anjana Bhargava

Anjana Bhargava, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner (alternative medicine from India) and Mithila Artist (also called Madhubani), uses natural methods of healing through herbs and spices. Her integrative approach incorporates diet, lifestyle, pranayama, meditation, and Mantra(sound) therapy in healing methods. Anjana’s other passion is Madhubani art, a form of folk art specific to Bihar state, India. She spends time creating beautiful Madhubani artwork and has exhibited her pieces at galleries, hospitals, community events and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Anjana feels that the Madhubani art form is an artistic expression of her profession, her passion and her soul. It is an intrinsic part of her research into the ancient Indian culture that combined art, diet, medicine and yoga into a holistic way of life.