Finding Structure

Finding Structure

Katie Bosley Sabin

On View March 27 - May 3, 2023

I craft porcelain vessels that combine dynamic forms and dimensional surfaces to create a captivating presence. Formal components such as line, space, and color are carefully considered to create objects that are striking at first glance and reward further inspection.

With an interior volume to peer into or through, and interplay between layered features, the vessel is used to promote curiosity and invite the viewer in closer than they might engage with other art objects. Rethinking structure and creating inventive interpretations of the vessel, I utilize the familiar to present the unexpected. Order and symmetry are used in my work to draw the eye in and captivate viewers. Precise repetition is also used as a mark of intention, showing that little or nothing is left to chance.

Form and structure in my work are influenced by a wide range of architectural styles, including Gothic, Modern, and Postmodern. Inspiration for surface designs comes from patterns I find captivating. This can include anything from dimensional folded paper, carved stone, or Islamic tile work. Achromatic white surfaces on my work allow for dynamic play with light and shadow, bringing pierced components and dimensional patterned designs to life.

Finding Structure includes both experimental work from the early developmental stage of my current body of work, as well as recent pieces, providing a snapshot of the progression of my work over the past five years.