Waterworks: Artist Talk

We are all drawn to water; water as a refuge; an intimate or an immense place with deep, unending rhythms that can calm or terrify. Bring your personal notions of water when you visit “Water Works”, the September exhibit at the Gallery of the Concord Free Public Library.

The art in Water Works is a visual conversation between the artworks of three artists in several mediums. The exchange is varied, rich, and invites your participation. Visit the show when it is quiet; visit again when the artists host a talk about their work on Thursday, Sept. 25th at 1-2 pm in the gallery.

Photographer Sing Hanson’s early fascination with water persists as “memories of golden light flickering through liquid depths; of muddy rocks in shallows; of gently rocking boats…as a photographer I work to record evidences of the passage of time”. Hanson’s images are at once engaging and transformative.

Monoprint artist Lonnie Harvey’s childhood similarly reflects her fascination with water imagery. Harvey creates abstract representations of water in her prints, conveying the power of crashing surf, the stillness of a pond at sunset, and the mesmerizing pattern of a droplet expanding on the water’s surface.

Painter Lois Andersen’s images are of the Norwegian Arctic. “I was struck by a severe beauty unlike any other in my experience; boundless, ageless sea and sky. Being in such a place gave me a sense of being drawn into the grandest narrative; a speechless conversation with the Infinite. This sense is the compelling direction of my work.”

Come and join the conversation at the CFPL gallery and see how your own memories and notions resonate with the work in Water Works. The gallery is open all regular library hours.

09/25/2014 - 1:00pm
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Studio Art