Writing Out Loud and Nature Journaling Workshops

November 4, 2020 by Rachel Olson

Bring your notebooks, sketchbooks, and pencils, because The Umbrella Arts & Environment program is hosting two new workshops in November! These outdoor workshops will encourage students and families to explore and interact with nature in a creative way.

Nature Journaling Workshop
Saturday, November 14, 2pm
Can you count all the leaves on the trees? No, but you can draw them! Nature journaling encourages wonder, creativity, and appreciation for the environment while also teaching drawing skills and scientific inquiry. In this hybrid in-person, socially distanced workshop, participants will explore local conservation land, draw what they find, and play with shapes, color, and perspective. 

Writing Out Loud Workshop
Sunday, November 15, 2-4pm
There is a lot going on in our lives right now! Sometimes it can be hard to find the space for expressing your thoughts and ideas in a creative format, and yet doing so can make us feel much more connected to ourselves and to the people around us. Led by art educators Maura Clarke and Suzanne Siner, participants will meet outdoors and use found objects to write spark short stories and a group collaborative poem, and engage in some energizing improvisational and experiential activities.

To register for either or both classes, see TheUmbrellaArts.org/youth 


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