Writing Out Loud Workshop

There is a lot going on in our lives right now -- things to look forward to, things to worry about, things to be excited about.  Sometimes it can be hard to find the space for expressing your thoughts and ideas in a creative format, and yet doing so can make us feel much more connected to ourselves and to the people around us. Join us for a virtual afternoon of self-expression and creative fun. We will draw on all of our senses to feel more alive and in the moment.  

We will use objects and sensory materials to help generate our creativity and develop group connections.  We will write stories, collaborate on a group poem, and engage in some energizing improvisational and experiential activities to loosen up our minds and get our ideas flowing freely.  We will also do an activity to celebrate the Winter Solstice and its promise of more light. No prior writing experience is needed -- just a willingness to try new ideas and be a supportive member of the class. We will meet virtually on zoom. 

Please bring: 

  • Two or three objects that have personal significance to you 

  • A flavorful snack -- we will be using this to awaken our senses

  • Paper and a pen or pencil 

For qualifying students, financial aid is available. We do not want a financial barrier to prevent an interested and curious student from joining the class.

Instructor: Maura Clarke & Suzanne Siner
Suzanne Siner has worked in the field of education in the San Francisco and Boston areas since 1990, and has been involved in the creative arts since she was a child. Suzanne was a history major and art history and environmental studies minor at Oberlin College, and received a master’s degree in education from Stanford University. Suzanne has incorporated the arts into her work as an environmental educator,... Learn More »
Age range: 
7th - 10th graders
Students min/max: 
Sunday, December 13, 2-4pm
Sunday, December 13, 2-4pm
December 13, 2020