Umbrella Teams Up with Minute Man NH Park for Witness

August 29, 2019 by Stewart Ikeda

Earth Press Project: Witness by Nancy Winship Milliken

Collaborative Work by Nancy Winship Milliken Studio Kicks Off New Art-in-the-Park Residency Program

Concord, MA - August 29, 2019 - As part of its 60th anniversary celebrations this fall, Minute Man National Historical Park in partnership with The Umbrella Arts Center will present Earth Press Project: Witness, a collaborative public art project. Inspired by the land and the history that the park commemorates and interprets, this project invites communities across America to respond, with one word, to an online prompt, “What change would you like to witness on this Earth?”

A collaborative effort with Artist-in-Residence Nancy Winship Milliken Studio, a community-generated sculpture made of earthen blocks imprinted with the public’s responses will be on view September 1 - November 1, 2019 outside the Minute Man Visitor Center, in Lexington, MA. A declaration of witnessing change, this project invites public engagement and dialogue around current challenges facing our earth.

Earth Press Project: Witness brings the land, history and resources of the Minute Man National Historical Park together with the artists and expertise of The Umbrella, and has co-evolved to include additional regional partners such as Reflex Letterpress (MA), Building Heritage (VT), and Terra Collaborative (VT). As a pilot Artist-in-Residence program, Witness initiates art that engages the community in the Park. Using art to carry our stories and bridge our past with our future, these imprinted words will reflect our individual and collective hopes for our shared future.

For More Information, see the media release Minute Man National Historical Park Launches Artist-in-Residence Program

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