Resident Artists make Empty Bowls

October 28, 2014 by Jess

Last Thursday the clay studio opened for a final bowl making workshop just our resident artists. Being artists, our ceramics program coordinator Caitlyn Marsh anticipated their willingness to freely explore the clay and tools with less instruction or demonstrations. Other than a brief how-to on the slabroller, that pretty much was the case.

In fact one of our resident artists, Deb Richardson, was a former potter! Deb and a couple other artists chose to create bowls on the pottery wheel while the majority of our artists handbuilt out of flat slabs of clay. The artists were also taking plenty of tisks with the carving, folding and draping, and generally pushing the limits of the clay. 

Currently we are down to our last batch of bowls in the kiln being bisque fired. Next is one or two more rounds of glazing, and we are ready to greet the public with these amazing pieces of art during Empty Bowls on November 6th!

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