Call for Vessels

March 28, 2016 by Jess

-written by The Umbrella's 2015-2106 Artist-in-Residence, Sarah Fagan

Last week, I gave my second community presentation as Artist In Residence at the Umbrella. I shared some of my favorite contemporary artists working in the trend of archiving and cataloguing -- artists that make use of found daily objects, detritus, or other "readymades" such as sounds, memories, or experiences, and display them in a way that asks the viewer to make connections. I am beginning to explore this vein of art as well.

I ended my talk with a call for participation in two pieces for my final show, "Accumulations," which will take place between mid-August and mid-September in the Umbrella's Gallery. I repeat them here in hopes of community involvement.

One. My show's paintings are filled with containers and vessels, and tiny objects that may fit in vessels. I would like to turn the gallery's display cases into "Curiosity Cabinets" filled with empty and filled vessels, so I  ask for donations of empty glass jars (no need for lids), clear or white vases, bowls, and similar containers. These can be tiny or up to a foot tall. They can be empty -- or, if you wish -- filled with a special collection of any manmade or natural objects of your choice. If labeled, these containers will be returned to their owners at the completion of the exhibition in September. These can be left at any point now until August in or near my mail slot (320) or brought up to my studio.

Two. I will be creating an editioned accordion book. Entitled "Hold," it will be filled with transfer prints of line drawings of vessels and containers. I ask for donations of pen and ink drawings, about 6" x 6," of anything you may consider a "vessel." I encourage broad interpretation of the term -- from bowls to dresses, envelopes to hands. What can hold? These drawings will be scanned, resized, and printed. If you wish to participate,  please leave a drawing in my mailbox, number 320.

Many thanks and Happy Spring,




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