Class Policies

PAYMENT:  A program spot is reserved only when payment is received. Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. Each tuition includes a $25 non-refundable registration and processing fee. The preferred method of payment is online using Family ID with a credit card online or Paypal account. If it is necessary to register with The Umbrella office by phone or in person, accepted payment options are all major credit cards, a check payable to The Umbrella, and cash.

REFUND POLICY: Tuition, less the $25 registration and processing fee, and less any prorated cost of classes PAST, will be refunded provided notification by the day of the second meeting of any particular class. No refunds will be issued thereafter. In the case of a vacation week program: Tuition, less a $50 registration and processing fee, will be refunded if the request is made in person or in writing on or before the day of the program registration deadline. No refunds will be issued thereafter. No refunds are given for student absences or for unused portions of prepaid tuition. Refunds for online credit purchases or credit purchases made by phone or in person are processed by reversing the charge to the cardholder on the card used to make the purchase.  For refunds to be processed in another way, notice must be given in writing.  Purchases made by check are refunded with a check.  Refunds may take 2-3 weeks or more to process fully. 

TUITION ASSISTANCE: A limited amount of tuition assistance is offered through the Babette Newburger Art Education Fund to cover up to 50% of tuition costs for families in need. Application and approval are necessary. Awards are made on a first come, first served on a rolling deadline.  Please contact the Education Director at 978.371.0820 for more information.

SEMESTER END ADULT CERAMICS PICK-UP POLICY: Adult students NOT taking a class the following semester must clear all items off their classroom shelf by the end of the last class. Any remaining items will be boxed up and stored for one month from that date. Bisque-ware and finished pieces located in a communal area will be discarded or donated half way through the next term.   

YOUTH CERAMICS PICK-UP POLICY: It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that a student’s finished fired work is picked up from The Umbrella. Ceramics are generally ready for pick-up 1 week after a class ends.  Ceramics for pick up will be located on a labeled shelf accessible in a public area during regular business hours.  Notifications, if applicable, are sent by email to the parent’s email used for registration.  The Umbrella will hold all ceramics work for 2 weeks from the date it is removed from the kiln.  All ceramics after this period are subject to disposal. The Umbrella is not responsible for the condition or disappearance of any student work for any reason. Accidents, breakage, and unintended theft are common. Special arrangements to retain work beyond the deadline for each semester must be made in writing before the deadline and will not be valid or accommodated without documented and dated confirmation by Umbrella staff, providing that accurate identification of the work in question can be made. 

MEDIA CONSENT: The Umbrella programs are occasionally photographed and/or videotaped. Enrollment in a program authorizes The Umbrella to have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs or video of you or your children and/or artwork for promotional and public relations purposes. You must contact The Umbrella office or submit a written request if you do not want you or your children to be photographed, to prevent photography from being published, or for posted photography to be taken down.

BEHAVIOUR:  The Director of Education reserves the right to dismiss a student from the program when, in his sole judgment, the student's behavior interferes with the rights and/or compromises the safety of others, and impedes the smooth functioning of the group or the activity.

ACCESSIBILITY: All areas of our building at 40 Stow Street and 57 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms and handicapped parking are located on site.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Umbrella classes follow the Concord Public Schools and Town of Concord closings, delays, early releases, and holidays. No regular classes will be held on Concord Public School snow days and holidays.* Students and parents should check local news, radio, and school websites for the most up to date information. As soon as an official announcement of a cancellation, delay or release has been made, a banner will be posted on the homepage of The Umbrella website Instructors are responsible but not required to inform their students through email and/or phone of a cancellation. In the event of cancellations make-up classes will be scheduled, if possible. In the event of a public school delay, morning classes at The Umbrella will be cancelled, classes scheduled to start after 12noon will run on time. In the event of an early release, all morning classes (starting before 12noon) will run as scheduled but afternoon and evening classes will be cancelled. In the event of snow during a weekend or during a holiday vacation week, class will be cancelled if more than 3 inches of snow is expected to accumulate in Concord at least one hour before or one hour after the start and end time of a class or program. The Education department staff and individual instructors reserve the right to determine class cancellations based on their sole judgement of risk to student and personal safety. The Umbrella reserves the right to change programs, schedules, instructors, and to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment. 

 *Exception: The Umbrella does run programming on school vacation weeks in February, April and Summer.