Class Policies

For information specific to online ceramics classes visit our Online Ceramics Class Policies page!

Umbrella Classes and Workshops Policies


A program spot is reserved only when payment is received. Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration, unless a deposit is specified.

Each tuition includes a non-refundable registration and processing fee, certain exceptions apply, see refund policy for details.

The preferred method of payment is online using Family ID with a credit card or Paypal account. If it is necessary to register with The Umbrella office by phone or in person, accepted payment options are all major credit cards, a check payable to The Umbrella, and cash.


There is a $25 nonrefundable registration and processing fee for every completed registration. For tuition or deposit under $100 the registration fee is 15%.

For classes meeting for 4 or more weeks students may participate in the first two classes and withdraw provided written notice (email) is given to the Education Director by the day of the 2nd class. 

Refunds for a class withdrawal are that tuition, less the registration and processing fee, and less any prorated cost of classes PAST, will be refunded. No refunds will be issued after the start of the second meeting of any class.

Withdrawals for all workshops or classes that meet for 3 or less times, a refund of 50% tuition will be issued provided that written notice (email) is given to the Education Director by the start time of the first scheduled meeting.  No refunds will be issued after the start of the first meeting.

Materials fees for all classes and workshops are non-refundable for withdrawals within one week prior to the start of any class or workshop.

In the case of a Vacation Week Program and Summer Camp: Tuition, less a $50 registration and processing fee, will be refunded up to the program registration deadline. No refunds will be issued thereafter. 

No refunds are given for student absences or for unused portions of prepaid tuition.  

In the case of Summer Arts @ Home and Performing Arts @ Home Programs tuition is refundable for curriculum based programs, less the registration and processing fee, up to the point that the curriculum is distributed to a participant.  No refunds will be issued thereafter.  

For all live components of the @ Home Summer programs, 50% tuition will be issued provided that written notice (email) is given to the Education Director by the start time of the first scheduled meeting.  No refunds will be issued after the start of the first meeting.

No refunds will be given for programs that are rendered unavailable due to hardware, software, network, internet connectivity, and/or the knowledge or technical ability of any participant.  This clause does not apply when the source of failure originates from Umbrella owned systems and can be documented as such. In this case a make-up will be scheduled. 

Documentation must be provided to the Education Director for consideration of medical exceptions to this refund policy. See COVID-19 Policy.  

Refunds may take 2-3 weeks or more to process fully. 

COVID-19 POLICY - In effect 2020-as long as needed.

Should a participant become ill with COVID-19 we ask that if they had physical contact with The Umbrella building, staff, faculty, or other students, that they inform the Concord Board of Health with as much detail as possible and follow any other contact tracing procedures requested by health officials.  Our response will be to sanitize all areas of exposure and notify all those at potential risk to self isolate and if necessary seek further medical advice.  

Should an instructor or staff become ill with COVID-19, a procedure guided by public health officials will be followed and if then the remaining sessions of a program are cancelled, prorated refunds will be given to all registered participants.  See Refund policy for more details.  

A written note, signed by a medical professional provided to The Education Director will serve as an accepted exemption to the refund policy and a registered individual will be eligible for a prorated refund of the tuition payment for the remaining scheduled classes.  Materials fees are nonrefundable.  


Not Available during 2020 and 2021

A limited amount of tuition assistance is offered by The Umbrella Education Department to cover no more than 50% of tuition costs depending on individual circumstances for individuals and families in need. Application and approval are required. Awards are made first come, first serve on a rolling deadline. Application processing may take a week or more from the time of submission, please plan accordingly. Contact the Education Department at or call 978.371.0820 ext. 204 for more information.


All Umbrella programs (classes, workshops, events, meetings, virtual gatherings and online classes...etc.) can be photographed and/or video recorded. Reasons to photo or video of programs include but are not limited to the use by The Umbrella staff for operational, observational, quality assessment, archival, or marketing purposes.  Additionally, teaching faculty may record programs for purposes related to class assignments or to facilitate class structures. 

Enrollment in any program authorizes The Umbrella to have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs or video of you and your children and/or any artwork for any operational, promotional and public relations purposes. You MUST contact The Umbrella office to submit a written request if you want yourself or your children to be excluded from photography or video recordings, to prevent any photo or video from being published, or for posted photography or video to be taken down.

With all Umbrella @ Home programs individuals have the right to turn off their own video and/or audio.  


The Director of Education reserves the right to dismiss a student from the program when, in his sole judgment, the student's documented or observed behavior interferes with the rights and/or compromises the safety and well-being of others, and impedes the smooth functioning of the group or the activity. For most other instances of problematic behavior, an individualized behavior modification plan will be implemented with periodic evaluation. 

For the purposes of distance learning through any of the @ Home Programs the same policy about individual behavior applies in the "digital classroom."  Furthermore, any misuse, unauthorized use, or posting of inappropriate content will be grounds for immediate expulsion and possible legal action.


All areas of our building and grounds at 40 Stow Street are fully accessible. Accessible bathrooms and marked handicapped parking are located on site.


The Umbrella reserves the right to change programs, schedules, instructors, and to cancel any programs due to insufficient enrollment. 

The Education department staff and individual instructors reserve the right to determine class cancellations based on their sole judgement of risk to personal and participant health and safety. If a suitable and agreed upon alternative is not offered or available for an administrative cancellation or force majeure the refund policy will nullify and all documented payments will be refunded in full.  

In general, no regularly scheduled classes will be held on Concord Public School vacation weeks and federal and state holidays. Some exceptions may apply, please contact your instructor and/or the Education department for specifics.

Weather Related Closings, Delays, Early Release

All in-persoon classes follow the Concord Public Schools and Town of Concord weather related closings, delays, early releases. No classes will be held on Concord Public School snow days. Students and parents should check local news, radio, and school websites for the most up to date information. As soon as an official announcement of a weather cancellation, delay, or early release has been made, a banner will be posted on the homepage of The Umbrella website In the event of weather related cancellations, make-up classes will be scheduled, if possible.  Make-ups are not required for cancellations of drop-in programs.

In the event of a public school delay, morning classes at The Umbrella will be cancelled, classes scheduled to start after 12noon will run on time. In the event of an early release, all morning classes (starting before 12noon) will run as scheduled but afternoon and evening classes will be cancelled.  Make-ups will be scheduled, if possible, except for drop-in programs.

In the event of weather related cancellations during a weekend, during a holiday vacation week, or during the summer vacation, The Education department staff and individual instructors reserve the right to determine cancellations based on their sole judgement of risk to personal and participant safety.  In general, class may be cancelled if hazardous conditions (Example: 3 or more inches of accumulating snow) are expected in Concord at least one hour before or one hour after the start and end time of a class or program.  

In the case of The Umbrella @ Home classes and programs The Education department staff and individual instructors reserve the right to determine class cancellations based on their sole judgement of the reasonable ascertainment of the ability for participation. 

Ceramics Special Policies


Adult ceramics participants are expected to retrieve their Bisque-ware and glazed fired finished work in a timely manner upon removal from the kilns. Bisque ware will be kept for one month after it has come out of the kiln. Items not picked up by the scheduled end of a semester will be boxed up will be discarded or donated half way through the next term. 

Adult participants NOT continuing into a subsequent semester of ceramics at The Umbrella must clear all personal items from the studio and if applicable clear off their classroom shelf by the end of their last class. Any remaining items will be boxed up and stored for one month from that date. Bisque-ware and finished pieces ready for or already in the kiln will be placed in the communal pick-up area. Items not picked up from the communal pick-up area will be discarded or donated half way through the next term.   


It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that a student’s finished fired work is picked up from The Umbrella. Ceramics are generally ready for pick-up 2 weeks after a class ends.  Ceramics for pick up will be located on labeled shelves accessible in a public area near the ceramics studio during regular business hours.  Notifications, if applicable, are sent by email to the parent’s email used for registration.  The Umbrella will hold all ceramics work for 2 weeks from the date it is removed from the kiln.  All ceramics after this period are subject to disposal. The Umbrella is not responsible for the condition or disappearance of any student work for any reason.  Accidents, breakage, and unintended theft are common. Special arrangements to retain work or hold it beyond the deadline for each semester must be made in writing before the deadline and will not be valid or accommodated without documented and dated confirmation by Umbrella staff, providing that accurate identification of the work in question can be made.


Students should check the monthly and weekly schedule provided by the Ceramics Department for all available studio times. The following list of dates are scheduled holidays in which the education department is closed but the studios may or may not be used for other activities or events.  MLK Jr Day; February Vacation Week; April Vacation Week; Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; December School Recess (Christmas); New Year's Day

The Umbrella @Home Policies


The Umbrella Arts Center is not responsible for statements made by participants that are posted or recorded on any digital platform.  Furthermore, statements made by participants do not reflect those of The Umbrella or it’s staff.  

By participating in remote learning at The Umbrella, all participants agree to refrain from disseminating any confidential student information about other student participants, that may be knowingly or unknowingly disclosed or recorded. Distribution of privileged information, private information, and personal digital property is strictly prohibited.  

The Umbrella makes every effort to keep access links (to Zoom meetings, Google Classrooms, and other digital spaces) private, meaning restricted to authorized staff and registered participants. We expect that access to digital learning spaces will not be shared or distributed.  However, by the very nature of the digital format and shared access, The Umbrella can not fully guarantee absolute security of links and digital classroom spaces. Enrollment supposes acceptance of these inherent risks in an online digital space.  

Participants are strictly prohibited from recording digital experiences provided by The Umbrella.  The Umbrella Arts Center and it’s contract employees retain exclusive ownership of content and when available will make that content accessible to registered users during the period of their enrollment.  

Additionally, strict copyright of intellectual property will apply in The Umbrella’s digital spaces.  Participants are not permitted to reproduce or claim ownership of visual and intellectual property of other participants.  Infractions may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sharing of personal information or content may be conducted outside of The Umbrella’s classroom between consenting parties, and The Umbrella has no bearing on or responsibility for these transactions.     

The Umbrella Arts Center is not responsible for an individual participant’s hardware, software, network, or internet connection capabilities as they apply to accessing and maintaining participation in The Umbrella @ Home programs and content. The Umbrella staff to the best of our ability will provide reasonable accommodations to all participants, through posted written resources and support during business hours, however certain circumstances may be beyond our control and ability to remedy.


Upon the conclusion of Umbrella @ Home classes that were conducted within Google Classroom The Umbrella will notify all students that 2 weeks after the stated end of our semester, the classroom will be archived and participants will no longer have access to the content stored in the classroom drive. As a result we suggest that you download any items that you would like to keep before this time.  

Please note that no student has any right to download or claim ownership of any digital images, files, or documents that are not their own. Please be respectful of others and do not delete files that are not your own.  Please see The Umbrella @ Home General Disclaimer for more information.

Student Account: If you continue to take classes that use Google Classroom through The Umbrella @ Home, you will continue to have access to your account. However, your account will be suspended during semesters in which you are not enrolled. Your account will be reactivated any time in the future that you register for a new Umbrella @Home program that uses Google Classroom. Each participant will have the ability to reset their password upon reactivation by The Umbrella of their student account.

Summer @ Home Policies


All Summer 2020 certificates issued and purchased as part of camp promotions at various fundraising events will be honored in the following ways: First, if an in-person camp can be offered in 2021, certificates can be used for full value provided that a valid receipt of purchase or actual certificate with valid issue number is submitted prior to May 1, 2021.  Second, parents may choose to redeem 50% of the certificate value ($125) for The Umbrella's 2020 Summer Arts @ Home, proof of purchase required.