Umbrella Benefit Auction: Paintings by Andy Newman

Andy Newman Painter

June 1 - June 30, 2020 Online Auction



Throughout the month of June 2020, visitors are invited to bid on a wide range of paintings by internationally exhibited artist Andy Newman, who has generously donated several works to benefit The Umbrella Arts Center, currently closed due to Covid-19 emergency. 

Newman's work embraces figures, landscape, and abstract. He is represented by galleries in England, France, Italy, Portugal and Canada, as well as several in the United States. He has long worked out of The Umbrella Arts Center in Studio 215, and in 2018 was featured in The Umbrella exhibition, Parallel Paths, with his husband, writer Gregory Maguire. Newman was featured in a cover story, There's No Place Like Home, in the Winter 2019 edition of Discover Concord Magazine


For more than twenty years I have had the good fortune of a studio at The Umbrella (which sometimes still I call ‘the Emerson’), and from within its walls have come paintings destined for exhibitions in Europe and Canada as well as the United States.  I cannot overstate what a privilege it is to work in such a nurturing environment, embedded in a community of exceptional artists.

These exceptionally difficult times have been as challenging to The Umbrella as a collective as to each of us as individuals:  no classes, no theater productions, no studio activity; in effect just about no income. This at a moment -- with the renovations now complete yet not fully funded -- when income is needed more than ever.

I have been wondering what I could do to help, and remembered that soon after Hurricane Katrina I selected thirty paintings, to be exhibited and auctioned in the then-Emerson Umbrella’s cramped gallery space, for the benefit of those dispossessed in New Orleans.

Thirty, then, is a number with certain tradition.  And so, reaching back to as early as 1991, I have selected thirty paintings --landscapes, figures, and abstracts -- of varying sizes, from varying phases of my evolution as a painter, in the hope that they can make to The Umbrella at least a fraction of the contribution that it has made to me. - Andy Newman