Sing Hanson Selected Works

January 18 - February 24, 2024

Opening reception February 1, 4:30-6:30PM

Work for sale on ArtCloud

(Sale proceeds support Alzheimer's Association)


Artist Statement
Sing Hanson liked to record evidences of the passage of time, for example, the rusted sides of decommissioned trains on sidetracks and cars in salvage yards. As shown in this exhibit her scope extended to abandoned granite quarries and dried leaves, weeds and vegetables. What’s left to be seen are rusty and graffiti-covered surfaces, long drill marks and imperfect blocks left by quarry workers, and stilled plant life. What is left unseen is a world of negative spaces under the surface where once lived a vibrant soul. A fleeting moment, the past obscured. These are photographs that refuse to disclose fully the images they contain, reminders of Sing and her family of once strong people whose lives were hollowed out by dementia.

The Work
Sing’s photographs are digitally based and printed on archival papers. In addition to digital archival prints but not included in this show, she also made limited edition artist’s handmade books, one-of-a-kind multimedia collages and three-dimensional assemblages.

Sing worked in museums since 1967, home-based at Boston Children’s Museum as a graphic and exhibit designer, then as Director of the Exhibition Program, finally as consultant to other museums, both nationally  and internationally. In 2003 she left the museum world for a career in making art and split her time between a home studio and the congenial atmosphere of The Umbrella Arts Center. Her art pieces were shown at galleries throughout New England. A very gifted and generous artist, she was always ready to help and support other artists. Sing was well known to lighten conflicts with her humor and kindness. 

For many years, Sing struggled against the relentless drumbeat of Alzheimer’s disease, as her mother had before her. But she also inherited her mother’s strong spirit. Ever positive, she repeated her mother’s refrain, “Didn’t we have fun?” and her Scandinavian ancestors’ blessing, Takk for Alt (thanks for everything). Sing did not let Alzheimer’s overwhelm her grace, humor, courage, and beauty.  

In recognition of her struggles against this devastating illness, we will donate all proceeds from the sale of  her work at this show to Alzheimer’s Association, 309 Waverly Oaks Road, Waltham, MA 02452.

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