Susanne Meterko


Susanne Meterko works primarily in watercolors and oils. A camera always close at hand, she finds her inspiration in nature. Before leaving a scene she makes some physical and mental notes on site, then works from her photos in her studio. In addition to having earned degrees in interior design and fine arts, over the past decades she has studied with accomplished artists from Boston University, Mass College of Art and Design and DeCordova’s Museum School. Since the year 2000, Susanne has been a frame designer and consultant at Powers Gallery in Acton, where she promotes and sells other artists’ work. Her paintings are in numerous private collections as well as in the permanent collection of Enterprise Bank. She has recently moved to a new studio, #210A on the second floor of the Umbrella.

Artist Statement

Being surrounded by nature has always brought me great comfort. Looking out over the ocean or walking through a forest inclines me, not so much to “think” about the magnificence of the place, rather in gratitude, to become one with it. I take photos to remember where I’ve been. It’s when I’m back in my studio that a photo reminds me of the joy or tranquility that I had experienced at that moment. It’s at that point I am challenged to try to capture some of that feeling with paint on paper or canvas. It’s a process of balancing of “being” and “doing” that I see woven throughout my life. I find I must fully “be” with a place, or an idea or a person before I can respond honestly with a comment or a writing or a painting. Meditation and efforts at being more mindful have been a great aids in achieving this balance.