Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman, ceramics instructor at Concord-Carlisle High School and studio artist, has an extensive artistic background. She spent over a decade as a studio artist at Mudflat Studio and will be joining the studios at the Umbrella in the fall of 2023. Currently residing in West Concord, Massachusetts, she has been an active member of the greater Boston artistic community for over two decades.

Sarah's artistic journey began in her childhood, encompassing various art forms, from pottery to printmaking. Her formal art education included stints at Cabrillo College in California, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and more than 20 years at Mudflat Studios. There, she undertook a one-year technical education program, honing her ceramic technical skills in clays, glazes, kilns, and firings.

In 2009, Sarah rekindled her passion for coil building, which she combined with other hand-building techniques. Her work is characterized by a fusion of ancient coil-building methods and modern artistic aesthetics. Her surface techniques draw inspiration from printmaking, incorporating elements like monoprint, etching, screenprinting, sgraffito, and painting.