Madeleine Evans


Madeleine Evans is a prolific artist with tremendous diversity of technique. While her early years were spent working as a sculptor, she went on to embrace a wide range of media. As with many of the great artists, her styles vary from one stage of life to the next demonstrating growth and a passion for experimentation. “ I amuse myself with my art and am much less interested in marketing it”, says Evans. After years of study and the assimilation of numerous theories of color, line and brush stroke, the artist continues to work at her craft as well as spending some time cataloguing her work: sculptures, collages, paintings, monoprints, ceramics, assemblages and jewelry.

Evans raised her family in Brookline, Massachusetts. Having been widowed at a young age, the artist moved to Concord at the urging of her daughter, a student at Concord Academy.

As her children left the nest, Evans found a need to do something exciting for herself. She contacted Lindblad Travel in New York City and traveled to Mongolia and Russia. Subsequently, she went to work for Lindblad and spent 15 years running trips all over the world, working together with her new husband, Fernando Moldanado.

The Artist, who graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 1962, began working in a studio at the Umbrella 32 years ago. Because she had developed serious allergies to sculpting materials, Evans decided to devote herself to painting. Assiduously kept sketchbooks of her travels became the basis for her paintings.

Madeleine Evans can be found in her studio on a daily basis, where she is as likely to be seen working with paper plates as she is to be holding a paintbrush. She exemplifies the creativity of an artist and inspires all who have the privilege of knowing her and her work.