Lonnie Harvey


Lonnie has been creating monoprints for over twenty years. She studied fine art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned her bachelor’s degree.  After moving to the Boston area in 1990, she pursued printmaking at the DeCordova Museum School where she discovered her love for monoprints. Over the years, she has exhibited widely in the New England area.

As a printmaker, process is important in Lonnie’s work, and she uses a variety of techniques.  Her one-of-a-kind prints contain scenes reflected by her surroundings: landscapes, still lifes, and organic forms that are simple, yet contain complexities of color, shapes, light and texture.  She is inspired by the places she has visited, not only by their raw natural beauty, but also by the emotional responses they can elicit.  She approaches each work as if putting together a jigsaw puzzle; different components are fitted together to produce a final result that is exciting and not always predictable.