Jean Lightman

Jean Lightman

Jean Lightman is best known for her vibrant, award-winning floral still life paintings that can be found in private collections in the US and abroad.  Working in the Boston School tradition, her work combines the color and light of the French Impressionists with the accurate drawings of the 19th Century European Academies.  She delights in arranging dynamic still life compositions that suggest movement in the flowers and emphasize the delicate forms and subtle color shifts in the petals.  Her goal is a finished painting in which all of the parts relate to the whole, giving her work unity and breadth, the hallmarks of the Boston School painting tradition.
Lightman currently serves as the first woman president of the prestigious Guild of Boston Artists, a 106 year-old fine art gallery on Newbury Street. She has given numerous public lectures about Boston School painting, the most notable to Google that has received over 2700  views on YouTube. She has twice appeared on WCVB's Chronicle. She has maintained a studio at The Umbrella since 1988.