Earth Month Exhibition: Multimedia Pieces

Air contains two things necessary to life: carbon dioxide and oxygen. In photosynthesis, green plants take carbon-dioxide and water and use the sun’s energy to make sugar and release oxygen. In respiration, sugars and oxygen from the air turn to carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Without air, whether by drowning, respiratory failure, or persistent oppression, we cannot live. The freedom to breath unites us all, but who has that freedom? 

Air, by itself, is invisible, so how can artists capture its essence visually? This was our challenge to regional artists of all ages, walks and experiences levels this year -- and you responded brilliantly, in so many different media, styles and genres it's...well, breath-taking! be continued from Margaret Wiss on Vimeo.

Cole Kraus, Mesmer from The Umbrella on Vimeo.