#DiscoverYourArts Multimedia

 Since the Covid-19 shutdown, The Umbrella invited our community of youth and adult students, virtual campers, Summer Quest badge recipients, Ninjas in Nature, Artists-in-Your-Own-Residence, and other friends and neighbors to share what you've been working at – in any genre or medium -- to stay creative and hopeful this spring and summer! Poetry, visual art, digital creation, video, audio, poetry or prose, photography, music composition, choreography, cupcakes – the works. It resulted in the inspiring, linked exhibitions contained in our #DiscoverYourArts Showcase.

Claymation with Alex Salsberg: Dancing Cat

Claymation with Alex Salsberg: Carrot Garden

Grace Connor Short Animation

Grace Connor Short Animation

Grace Connor Stop Motion Short

Grace Connor Stop Motion Short

Sunny Side to Every Situation - 42nd Street
COVID-19 Reunion

You Will Be Found - Black Voices Project

Katie Cimet: Part Of Your World
(COVID-19 Rendition)

Grace Connor Stop Motion Short

Rain by Mary Oliver - Reading by Doug

Earth Day Reflect and Refraction

Benjamin Franklin Glass Harmonica

Voyage of the Yellow Wellies

Grace and Jack Connor Stop Motion

Grace Connor Love & Hope Stop Motion

Kamila Woronowicz - Flower

Sarah and Anna Fish Stop Motion

Sinan Turnator Stop Motion

Max Payne COVID-19 Journal and Fiber Art



Dr. Smarty in the New Normal from The Umbrella on Vimeo.

An Elegant Storm from The Umbrella on Vimeo.

Artist Talk: Creating ‘Confluence’ for Art Ramble