Call for Art: Earth Month Exhibition

Call for Art 

"Fresh Water and our Watershed" Earth Month Exhibit 

Registration Deadline: April 6, 2020 

The Umbrella Arts & Environment Program invites artists of all ages and experience to participate in our annual Earth Month Exhibit, an annual, non-juried community art show that will be presented this year in an virtual gallery exhibition, due to our Gallery's closure during the Covid-19 emergency. 

We seek artwork in all media that respond to our 2020 Earth Day Theme of “Fresh Water and our Watershed.”  

Water in all its forms inspires wonder: the intricate beauty of a snowflake’s design, the tranquility of a flowing stream, the invitation of a winding river, the abundant life of swamps, fens, marshes, and the pure magic of a spring. A river’s watershed encompasses the entire land area draining into it. In our local watershed we are all downstream, so all events in our watershed affect us. Flowing water has immense potential power. The Merrimack River powered huge cotton mills and built the cities of Lowell and Lawrence in Massachusetts. But too much or too little water can create massive destruction, such as floods and droughts. Even communities in proximity to water may lack infrastructure to supply clean drinking water. 

What aspect of water speaks to you? Is it the wonder of a spring, the engineering of a dam, or simply the river in your own backyard? Express your response in any artistic medium: painting, sculpture, collage, multi-media, poetry, song, photography, video, dance, or performance. We encourage you to focus on our own major watershed, the area drained by Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers. 

Guidelines for Submitting Artwork

  • Artwork must be clearly photographed, address our Water theme, and be submit as digital files via email to Include an artist statement that tells us something about your piece, your inspiration, and the place. 

  • Maximum of two separate works per artist. 






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