A Successful Free Bowl-Making Workshop!

September 12, 2014 by Jess

On Wednesday September 11 at The Umbrella clay studio, Caitlyn Marsh hosted a free bowl workshop. Participants made hand built and wheelthrown bowls with recycled stoneware clay. With only one person for the first fifteen minutes, we didn't start off with a bang, but soon enough the studio was packed with beginners, experts, volunteers, professionals, students, and friends of the Umbrella adult student population.

Over 30 people produced over 50 bowls in three hours! Some visitors already plan on attending the second free bowl workshop scheduled for the same day and time next week: Wednesday September 17th from 4pm-7pm. All those who came were either interested in learning a new art form, or interested in the charitable cause behind these free workshops.

Empty Bowls is a project embraced by artists and art organizations to help fight hunger and spread hunger awareness. All the bowls made from the free workshops are donations from those who wanted to give, while having fun. The bowls will be fired and glazed by Caitlyn and a team of adult student potters. Then on Thursday November 6th, we will invite the town of Concord and neighboring communities to visit us to help spread the Empty Bowls message. Our guests will select a hand made bowl, we will fill it with a simple meal, in exchange for a donation, and each guest keeps the bowl. All donations will go directly to Open Table of Concord, our local food pantry.

In addition to our free public workshops, Caitlyn will be hosting some private workshops for those who want to give with a group of family or friends. Our resident artists here at The Umbrella will also have an opportunity to have their own bowl making experience too. To be a part of this special cause, mark your calendars for the next workshop and the Empty Bowls night on November 6th!

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