Scenes from Elizabeth King's seasonal affections opening

August 20, 2018 by Jess

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Our 2017-2018 Artist-in-Residence Elizabeth King currently has her culminating exhibition on view through September 10th at the Trinity Episcopal Church, 81 Elm Street, Concord, MA. While our gallery is under construction, we are pleased to partner with the church to present this work in their beautiful gallery.

Elizabeth King graduated in 2017 from RISD with her MFA in painting. In 2011, she received her BFA in painting from Boston University. Growing up in Massachusetts, her tropical paintings rely primarily on imagination. Elizabeth drew inspiration from an oasis closer to home during her time with The Umbrella. From her artist statement, "My paintings encourage looking. The narrative, which initially appears to be the main attraction, is only the opening act. At a distance, the scene depicted seems clear, but moving closer doesn't bring more clarity.  The image instead disintegrates, leaving only the colorful residue of the first impression. I paint marks to draw attention to the surface instead of working in service of the narrative. The ambiguity of the story may at first feel frugal, but is made up for with the richness of color and texture that sit in the surface. Once inside my paintings, the hope is that the viewer is no longer concerned with getting immediate answers and can start to adapt to the visual language of brushstrokes and color."

During her residency, her work was featured in "Foundain of Desire" at The Sussex Contemporary in Ottawa, Canada. Her work is also currently on view in Bang On, Divine Hammer at Able Baker Contemporary in Portland, ME curated by painter Jenna Pirello through September 7 2018. Bang On, Divine Hammer is a reflection on the persistence of the maker. What materializes when an artist sifts through mental ups and downs, while simultaneously navigating a physical exploration of diverse media?

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