Artist in Your Residence


See the work of artists inspired by their visits to Minute Man National Historical Park in our virtual gallery
September 7 - October 5

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
  -John Muir

National Parks are certainly places of great natural beauty where one can find healing and solace, but they are also where we can learn about culture and history and connect with our shared human experience. In this unprecedented time, when so many of us are isolated and may not be able to visit our favorite trail, museum or historic site, it’s going to take some creativity to make that connection. That’s why Minute Man National Historical Park and The Umbrella Arts Center are calling on all of you to create art inspired by your experiences in the park and your connection with the natural landscape, a particular historical site, and/or one of the many stories told here. We’re calling the initiative "Artist-in-Your-Residence."

For many years, National Parks, including Minute Man, have welcomed professional artists through the gates to seek inspiration and create works for the benefit and enjoyment of the public through the Artist-in-Residence program. Because this year is different, and many parks or park facilities are closed, we want to try this variation of the program with all of you… because we still need art and we still need inspiration and we still need each other.

With the Artist-in-Your-Residence program we invite you to use any medium -- poetry, photography, painting, dance, sculpture, story, musical composition, etc. -- to create a work of art inspired by Minute Man National Historical Park. Post images and videos of your creations on social media (preferably facebook and/or instagram) with the hashtag #ArtistinYourResidence and make sure you tag both @MinuteManNPS and @theumbrellaarts. Don’t forget to include a sentence or two about what inspired your artwork, a little bit about the process for creating it, and who you are and where you’re from. We will re-post and share your pieces on social media, as well as host as many of them as we can in the “Artist-in-Your Residence” gallery on The Umbrella Arts Center website!

For details on the gallery, or some inspiration and examples, please check out these links:


  • Stay safe while exploring. Follow all local, state, and national recommendations and guidelines regarding Coronavirus infection prevention, including social distancing and use of face coverings.
  • Follow Leave-No-Trace principles while exploring in nature. Do not alter or extract any National Park resources to create your work.
  • Photograph/film your work and share it in your social media -- tag @MinuteManNPS  and @theumbrellaarts with the hashtag #findyourpark #artistinyourresidence #discoveryourarts
  • Include in your post a few things about yourself, location, and what inspired you!