Aperture: Annual Umbrella Artist Group Show

Aperture Studio Artist Group Show 2020 Gallery Shot


March 2 - April 5 2020

More than fifty artists based at The Umbrella Arts Center are sharing their artistry and process in diverse practices including painting, ceramics, glass, woodworking, photography, printmaking, drawing, illustration, jewelry, fiber arts and mixed media around the theme of “Aperture”.

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Definition of aperture:

  • Act of opening
  • An opening or open space; a gap, cleft or chasm, a passage perforated: a hole, as in “there is an aperture in that wall.”
  • Photography: the opening at the front of a camera through which light rays are introduced.
  • Zoology: the opening or mouth of a univalve shell.

The first Annual Group Show in the Umbrella’s renovated gallery will be a celebration of opening - in the darkness, an opening of light, in a page of purest white, a hole of deepest black, a flower blooming in the snow, the moon piercing the surface of a night dark lake and becoming “other.”