2020-2021 Musical Auditions

The Umbrella Stage Company is seeking Equity and non-equity video submissions for roles in our 2020/2021 musical season. Due to rescheduling of 2019/2020 programming, some roles are already cast. See below for a breakdown.

The Umbrella strongly encourages actors of all ethnicities, genders, identities, abilities, and ages to submit an audition tape.


Please submit two, 16 bar musical selections of your choosing. If interested in dancing principal or chorus roles, please also submit your reel, an excerpt from an archival recording or a self tape of a combination of your choosing.

Deadline: 04/30/2020




Something Rotten!

Book by John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick

Music and Lyrics by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick

Directed by Julia Deter

First rehearsal – October 5, 2020

Opening – Ocotber 30, 2020

Closing – November 22, 2020

Shakespeare-The Bard. Over the top with a huge ego. To play 30-40

Nick Bottom - A struggling writer who cannot stand Shakespeare. Nigel’s older brother. To play 30-40

Nigel Bottom - Nick’s sweet younger brother. A struggling writer who falls in love with Portia, a Puritan. To play 30-40

Bea - Nick’s wife. She loves Nick despite his past lack of success. She dresses up like a man to prove she can be an actor. To play 30-40

Portia - A Puritan woman who loves poetry, theater, and ultimately Nigel. To play 20-35

Nostradamus - A soothsayer. To play 40-50

Brother Jeremiah - Portia's father. A Puritan who thinks Nick and Nigel's plays are sinful.

Lord Clapham - A posh patron of the theater.

Shylock - An investor to whom Nick and Nigel are in debt.

Ensemble – singing and dancing company to play multiple roles


War Paint

Book by Doug Wright

Music by Scott Frankel

Lyrics by Michael Korie

Directed by Julia Deter

First Rehearsal – February 2, 2021

Opening – February 26th, 2021

Closing – March 21, 2021

This production has been cast.


Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Book by Allan Scott and Stephan Elliott

Directed by Brian Boruta

First rehearsal – April 20, 2021

Opening – May 14, 2021

Closing – June 6, 2021

BERNADETTE – 40s-50s Transgender female. Outstanding acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential. The mother of the group, Bernadette is glamorous, oozing Old Hollywood charm with rapier wit and sensitivity. Must be able to be convincing and touching in her attraction and growing relationship with Bob.

MITZI/ TICK – 30s to early 40s male. Outstanding acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential. With an unremarkable and essentially straight exterior, Tick is a discontented drag queen, the best in the business. Estranged husband of Marion and absent father to 8-year-old Benjamin, his journey from disillusionment to fulfillment through being reunited with his son is the central core of the story.

FELICIA/ ADAM –20s to 30s male. Outstanding character acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential. A flashy, young drag queen and born performer with a more than occasional bitchy streak. Provocative and outspoken he has a tendency to get himself into trouble with both friends and complete strangers.

THE DIVAS – 20s-40s females. Sassy and strong, these women lead us through some of the greatest hits of the last decades. Strong vocalists in the disco-belt style a must. Will also be part of the female ensemble

BOB – late 40s-early 60s male. Strong acting ability. A mechanic. Typical laconic attitude, soft hearted Aussie bloke who spent years wandering around the world only to find he was better off where he started. Has a fascination with Bernadette whom he saw perform in ‘Les Girls’ in Sydney more than twenty years ago.

SHIRLEY – 40s-50s female. Hardened outback bar tender/waitress. Good ironic comedy. Character acting, dance and strong singing ability – solo and ensemble pieces.

MARION – 30s-early 40s female. A hotel Entertainment Manager in Darwin, mother of 8 year Benjamin and estranged wife of Tick (Mitzi). A strong, direct and forthright woman who takes charge, but is incredibly accepting of her role as a single mother. Strong singing and acting.

CYNTHIA – 20s-early 30s Asian/Eurasian female. Bob’s feisty Filipino wife. A frustrated performer of obscure ‘stage tricks’ which make her very popular at the local pub. She spends her days as a housewife looking after Bob and his home. Character acting, dance and singing ability essential.

MISS UNDERSTANDING – 20s-30s male. A fabulous drag queen with great comic hosting ability.

FRANK – late 20s-mid 30s male. Tough miner bloke with violent tendencies. A hardened resident of mining town Coober Pedy. Tall, strapping and very outback Australian. Character acting, dance and singing ability, mostly all ensemble pieces with one key scene.

JIMMY- 20s-30s male. Friendly indigenous Australian bloke whom the queens run into in the desert; innocent charm and great movement skills; any traditional dance a huge plus; character acting, singing and dancing ability. Will be part of the ensemble.

YOUNG BERNADETTE/ FARRAH- 20s-30s male. Young Bernadette: the epitome of grace and glamour. Farrah: young, beautiful and sassy drag queen. Character acting, singing and dancing ability. Will be part of the ensemble.

BENJI – 8-11 year-old boy. The cute son of Tick and his estranged wife, Marion. Marion has raised Benji to be a sweet and open minded young boy who is supportive of his Father’s lifestyle.

MALE ENSEMBLE - Males, 18 – 40s. Excellent dancers who sing well. All play a variety of ensemble characters. Any drag experience a plus. Will speak with Australian accents.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE - Females, 18 - 40s. Spectacular singers who dance well. Will play a variety of ensemble characters. Will speak with Australian accents.