2017 Art Ramble

About Musketaquid Art Ramble 2017:

In honor of Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday this exhibit encouraged artists to create work that slows the viewer’s experience of the natural world. What can we learn from looking and how long does it take us to see? As a species we can now exist without stepping foot in the woods. But what happens when we do? How can makers reflect their own vision of nature to the audience in a way that reveals deeper connections, looking, and questions?

We presented a truly site-specific exhibit that reveals the natural and human history and unique character of the Concord Hapgood-Wright Town Forest through works that encouraged contemplation, play, discovery, and participation.

Statement by Jenn Houle, Musketaquid 2017 Art Ramble Curator: Curating the 2017 Art Ramble has been a wonderful opportunity to not only work with a great group of artists but to also have the privilege to be allowed into their individual practices. I felt very lucky to have found people willing to create entirely new pieces that were site-specific and responded to this landscape. I appreciated the support of the town, the Umbrella Center, the Trails Committee and local naturalists who shared their rich resources and knowledge. It’s been a lot of work to coordinate and assemble the exhibition but it feels well worth it! The artwork fits the forest, each piece is truly unique, and all call for slower looking and closer observation of our complex natural world.


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1: Ahmed Oszever
    Reference Point
2: Laurie Sheridan
    spring of springs (Resurgence)
3: Liz Fletcher
    Lovers of Life
4: Lisa Link
    Pattern Recognition
5: Maryanne Benns
    pulchritudinem robustam cimex
6: Andrew Joslin
    What the Grandmother Pine sees
7: Lindsey Glover
8: Diane Szczepaniak
    River of Sticks II
9: Heather Kapplow
    Forest for the Tree
10: Tim Norris
     Thoreau's Wildflowers
11: Dena Haden
      "The light which puts..."
12: Carolyn Fraser
      Selfie Stick
13: Madge Evers
14: Mary Baum
      Point of Entry
15: Tammy Rose
      Marching and Sauntering
Bird Symbols: A. Reid
                         Lusty Chanticleer

Lusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerLusty ChanticleerReference PointReference PointSpring of Springs (Resurgence)Lovers of LifePattern RecognitionPulchritudinem Robustam CimexWhat the Grandmother Pine SeesDriftRiver of Sticks IIRiver of Sticks IIForest for the TreeThoreau's WildflowersThe light which puts...Selfie StickSporeplayPoint of EntryMarching and Sauntering

Art Ramble Events, Workshops, and Walks:

Artist Demonstration
June 15, 2017
Work alongside artist A. Reid as she makes a record of her birdwatching sightings. Connect with the plants and birds of Thoreau's journals using Reid's plant and wildlife guide for Hapgood-Wright Town Forest, and record your own findings with the Harriet Hemenway Bird Report.  Meet at trailhead kiosk.

Informal "Fotofun" Walk
July 8, 2017
Join Lisa Link on an informal 'Fotofun' walk through the forest. Learn techniques for capturing images of the natural world and hear more about her project for the Art Ramble. All levels and recording devices welcome, please rsvp so can plan: lisalink@yahoo.com  

Marching and Sauntering: A Thoreau Inspired Ramble Through the Arts 
July 12, 2017
Enjoy a dramatic reading by performer Tammy Rose as she captures Thoreau's joy of walking the woods. Meet at trailhead kiosk.  

Curator Walk and Artist Reception
July 16, 2017
4:00-5:00pm: Curator Walk led by Jenn Houle
5:00-7:00pm: Artist Reception
Celebrate Art Ramble 2017 artists and their work! Curator Jenn Houle offers a guided walk of the exhibit, followed by a pond-side reception with Ramble artists.  Meet at trailhead kiosk for walk, Fairyland Pond for Reception.

Tree Talking Tour and Full Moon Walk
August 7, 2017
7:30-8:30pm: Tree Talking Tour with Andrew Joslin
8:30-9:30pm: Full Moon Walk with Jenn Houle
A Full-Moon Evening! What can you learn from trees? Local arborist and tree-climber Andrew Joslin talks about his passion for trees and his Art Ramble project, 'What the Grandmother Pine Sees.' Then join Curator Jenn Houle for a flashlight/moonlight exhibit walk. Experience the magic of nighttime forest sights, sounds and smells around the Fairyland Pond under a full moon. Meet at trailhead kiosk, bring a flashlight.  

Marching and Sauntering; A Thoreau Inspired Ramble Through the Arts
August 12, 2017
Enjoy a dramatic reading by performer Tammy Rose as she captures Thoreau's joy of walking the woods. Meet at trailhead kiosk

Marching and Sauntering; A Thoreau Inspired Ramble Through the Arts 
September 2, 2017
Enjoy a dramatic reading by performer Tammy Rose as she captures Thoreau's joy of walking the woods. Meet at trailhead kiosk.

Mushroom Spore Printing & Merit Badge Workshops
September 9, 2017 (Rain Date: September 10)
1:00-4:00pm: Workshops with Madge Evers and A. Reid
Explore the woods in search of mushrooms, plants and birds with artists Madge Evers and A. Reid. Learn how to make a mushroom spore print, and create your own pin or embroidered merit badge to commemorate a summer of exploration. Meet at trailhead kiosk.

Closing Reception: Picnic with Artists
October 1, 2017